Our Environmental Focus

Brownfields — Urban Infill Opportunities:

In the last decade, government policies promoting urban infill and smart growth have encouraged developers and end-users to revisit environmentally challenged but strategically located sites classified as brownfields. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines brownfield land as property where redevelopment and beneficial reuse may be complicated by the presence of hazardous materials. Everyday examples of brownfields in South Florida include abandoned gas stations, dry cleaning establishments, closed golf courses, former plant nurseries, and neighborhood dump sites and landfills.

Sandra Goldstein has substantial experience handling brownfield transactions by working in collaboration with attorneys and consultants to navigate the complex issues set out by the EPA, Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and local governing bodies such as Miami-Dade County’s Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM).

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A successful brownfield designation can result in attractive incentives for developers, investors, end users, and lenders. Clients use the team’s expertise to:

  • Unlock substantial reuse value of land sidelined by actual or perceived contamination
  • Tap into federal and state grants, tax incentives, loan guarantees, and low interest loans
  • Negotiate practical, cost-efficient remediation strategies
  • Integrate construction planning with remediation requirements
  • Reach consensus with community-based organizations and neighborhood stakeholders on planning and reuse issues

The brownfield designation process, the gateway to these incentives, involves petitioning local governments to confirm compliance with the statutory eligibility criteria. Sandra Goldstein works closely with the most experienced and sophisticated environmental lawyers and consultants in the industry who have been party to more than 100 brownfield designations since the program was adopted by the Florida Legislature in 1996. Her careful, coordinated, collaborative, and proven approach to environmentally challenged but economically important real estate has provided results for clients throughout Florida and unlocked significant value for buyers and sellers of retail, commercial, and industrial land.